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County of Brant Airport Elevated Storage Reservoir Posted on Aug 15, 2019

 First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. was retained by the County of Brant for the Airport Elevated Water Storage Tank Contract Administration Project. This week, construction of the pedestal is underway. This project is being constructed in parallel with the new Airport Water Supply Facility - a project also headed by our firm, which includes: a new watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, relocation of existing watermain, temporary water servicing to the existing well house, environmental controls, and security/site delineation fencing.

The elevated storage reservoir will have a 17 metre by 7 metre high glass fused to steel bolted tank with a capacity of 1,520 m³. The scope of this project includes: tank construction, yard piping, process works, equipment, instruments associated with the tank, electrical and control work, & site works. First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. is providing contract administration services, and construction site inspection services on this project. 


Six Nations Wastewater Forcemain & Solar Lagoon Mixer Design Posted on Aug 13, 2019

 First Nation Engineering Services Ltd. was retained by the Six Nations of the Grand River to complete a study on the existing facultative lagoons currently serving the Village of Ohsweken. Due to community growth, there are significant capacity concerns with the existing system. The 2006 Comprehensive Community Plan completed by First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. identified a mechanical Wastewater Treatment Plant as the preferred alternative to meet the 20-year demand, however interim upgrades to the existing system are required in the meantime. Implementing surface mixers along with upgrading the forcemain was the recommended interim upgrade First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. presented to the First Nation. 

The upgraded forcemain will increase the hydraulic capacity of the lift station, while the solar mixers will help address the hydraulic and biological capacity of the lagoon. Today, the installation of solar mixers took place in the lagoon. The mixers allow the oxygen rich surface layer to mix with the lower oxygen water at the bottom of the lagoon, increasing the overall oxygen concentration. This increases the biological capacity of the lagoons, allowing them to be discharged sooner. In addition, the mixers that First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. recommended do not require hydro, as they are solar powered, resulting in significant cost savings to the Client. 



Whitefish River First Nation – Elevated Storage Reservoir Posted on Jun 22, 2017

First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. was retained by WRFN in February 2017 to provide design and contract administration services for a new elevated storage reservoir.  Currently the First Nation has an existing standpipe for water storage, however this storage system is unable to provide the required fire flows while maintaining the appropriate pressures within the community.  The design of WRFN’s new elevated storage reservoir is currently on-going.  Hurdles to date, include schedule and funding.  The First Nation has been dedicated to bringing this much needed project to light.  To have this project constructed this year, it would be imperative to have the tower erected before the high winds in the fall season.  If tower is not erected before this time, due to safety concerns construction of the tower would be halted until next year.  In an attempt to maintain this scheduling criteria, FNESL has preselected a tank supplier for the project.  The intention is to have a tank designed and ready for construction as soon as funding for construction as been approved.     FNESL has been working to provide all design work and any technical support required to meet funding application requirements.  As of today, a construction tender package is just about complete and WRFN awaits approval for construction funding.   

CMHC Site Planning Training Manuals Posted on Jun 22, 2017

In 2016, FNESL signed a contract with the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) to design and develop a two-day training workshop to teach the basic principles of community planning along with a process for selecting the best possible site to build a house from the land you have available.  The workshop will also focus on discussing planning concepts such as low impact development and land conservation 

This workshop is the first component of the “First Nation Housing Series” that will be delivered by CMHC nationally starting in 2018 and targeted to First Nation Housing Departments.  

We are currently nearing the conclusion of Phase One – Development of the Draft Training Materials and over the summer months will prepare for Phase Two which includes a Train the Trainer workshop, a pilot training session, a Reference Guide/Job Aid, a Participants Manual and Powerpoint Presentations.

The Train the Trainer and Pilot Sessions have been scheduled for mid-September with follow-up revisions soon after.  The final product must be in CMHC’s hands by September 30, 2017 for branding and production as part of the series. 

Six Nations WTP Commissioning Posted on Apr 25, 2014

The Six Nations Water Treatment plant has successfully been commissioned.  The first phase of commissioning was the manual commissioning, where every component of the water supply, treatment and distribution systems were tested in manual mode.  This process took approximately 5 full days where the General Contractor (Maple Reinders) operated each piece of equipment by hand.  At the same time, the process engineer checked the operation of each component, the conformance with the reviewed shop drawings and I/O tag numbers were confirmed.


After the SCADA and PLC integration was completed, the automated commissioning was completed.  This process also took 5 days but this time each component was tested in auto mode from the operations office.  After each component was individually tested, they were tested as a part of the overall system.


Upon completion of the automated commissioning which was essentially to prove that all systems were operational and that potable water could be produced, the 14 day performance test was completed.  This test was completed under the supervision of the General Contractor and the plant was under the control of a third party operations company.  The purpose of the performance test was to try and mitigate operational, programming and equipment issues prior to sending water out to the Community.


In December 2013, potable water was sent to the Six Nations of the Grand River water distribution system under the control of the Six Nations Water Treatment Plant operators.

Aboriginal Conservation Program Posted on Jul 19, 2013

First Nations Engineering Services Ltd and the Ontario Power Authority are pleased to introduce the saveONenergy ABORIGINAL CONSERVATION PROGRAM.  This program is designed to deliver energy-saving initiatives directly to First Nation communities across Ontario and to conduct conservation workshops to help Metis and urban Aboriginal peoples access the saveONenergy programs available to them.

The ABORIGINAL CONSERVATION PROGRAM is designed to enable First Nation, Metis and urban Aboriginal peoples to reduce their electricity consumption. The program provides a customized delivery of conservation programs to meet the needs of First Nations and engages communities, businesses and households to implement energy conservation measures.

In addition, the ABORIGINAL CONSERVATION PROGRAM will deliver community workshops for Metis and urban Aboriginal peoples to raise awareness of and encourage participation in province-wide conservation programs offered by their local electric utilities. 

First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. (FNESL) has been selected as the Program Manager for the ABORIGINAL CONSERVATION PROGRAM. FNESL will work with its subcontractor, The Abor Group Ltd, to deliver the program. The Abor Group Ltd is also an Aboriginal-owned and operated company, specializing in energy assessments and conservation program implementation.

After an open application process twelve First Nations, including two remote communities, were selected to participate in the first year of the program. These First Nations will have access to a certified energy auditor to assess their home energy efficiency, including:

    •  Insulation
    • Appliances
    • Light bulbs
    • Drafts
    • Heating & Cooling systems
    • Household energy use habits; and
    • Other energy saving measures

    Based on the findings of the assessments, and the eligibility of the Participant and the home, homes may be eligible for some of the following measures:

    • ENERGY STAR CFL light bulbs
    • Block heater timers
    • Smart power bars
    • Hot water tank wrap and pipe insulation
    • Efficient faucet aerators
    • Replacement of eligible appliances with ENERGY STAR qualified appliances
    • Programmable thermostats
    • Draft proofing
    • Attic and basement insulation

     Eligible businesses and Band-owned or operated facilities and buildings also have access to conservation initiatives. 

    Wasauksing Water Treatment Plant Opening Posted on Oct 26, 2012

    The Wasauksing First Nation celebrated the grand opening of their new water supply, treatment and distribution system, "Wen Shi Shing Biish Wiigwaaming" on October 18th, 2012.

    On hand for the celebration was Chief Robert Tabobandung, First Nation Councillors, FNESL President Kevin Martin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Greg Pickford, and other dignitaries. "This new slow-sand water treatment plant is not only providing more opportunities for full-time employment, but also safe, clean drinking water for our current and future generations." said Wasauksing First Nation Chief Tabobandung.

    Detailed design of this $16.6 million project was provided by First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. This new drinking water treatment and distribution system is comprised of a new raw water intake and low lift pumping station, water treatment plant featuring slow-sand filtration with ozonation pre-treatment, UV and chemical disinfection, SCADA system, an elevated storage reservoir and a heated storage building to house a new water delivery truck. The system services 114 homes, Elder's complex, day care centre, school, health centre, administration offices, residential buildings and fire protection hydrants.

    Six Nations Water Treatment Plant Underway Posted on Oct 4, 2012

    Construction of the new $32.5 M water treatment plant is well underway at Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. This is a membrane treatment plant with full conventional treatment, biological activated carbon filtration, advanced oxidation process and chloramination. The project also includes an intake structure along the Grand River. The plant will operate at 50.0 L/s and was designed by First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. Maple Reinders Construction Limited is the contractor and the plant will be commissioned in the summer of 2013.

    Kahnawake Water Treatment Plant Posted on Oct 1, 2012

    The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, Quebec, water treatment plant was commissioned this year. FNESL was retained in 2010 to design a retrofit of the existing water treatment plant. The new plant incorporates potassium permanganate addition to assist in iron removal, membrane filtration and UV disinfection. This $12.0 M plant is rated at 142 L/s.

    KLMC Launches Website Posted on Sep 20, 2012

    K. L. Martin & Associates Corp. (KLMC) is a sister company of FNESL that specializes in providing professional architectural services that meet the needs of their clients. They have a wide variety of experience in initiating, developing and managing projects with an emphasis on planning, feasibility design, construction and maintenance requirements. KLMC has also provided project management, community facility design, construction management, asset condition reporting, computerized maintenance management systems, as well as operation and maintenance services, to visit their website click here.

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